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In a few minutes, I’m going to be driving off into the middle of the woods to participate in Week 2 of a Leadership Development / Mentorship camp. In the middle of no where.

I should be home / online again by Saturday evening, August 2.

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myrebloggingblog said: She could always give the body to Brasil too. I mean he runs a bakery so his fridge probably clears out quicker than Aleis’. It’d be a nice gift to bond over UuU cannibal boy/girlfriends

That’s an entirely valid point. Brasil might even be more interested because of Zander’s offenses… So far he’s sexually harassed Aleis at work, and I’m certainly not done playing with him as a character yet. Though that’ll have to wait until I come home from my trip, unfortunately. Plans are definitely in the making though.


I was trying to be cool about this, but I can’t. The story written by @kennedytwits of the Associated Press about me and @TheFantasticks is now in the Washington Post. IN PRINT. I am beside myself.


I was trying to be cool about this, but I can’t. The story written by @kennedytwits of the Associated Press about me and @TheFantasticks is now in the Washington Post. IN PRINT. I am beside myself.


Twix Chocolate Chip Cookies


Twix Chocolate Chip Cookies

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if i ever misgender you or use slang (bro, man, gurl, dude) that makes you feel even slightly uncomfortable please tell me because your gender identity and comfort is more important than any word i may use to refer to you

*loud unhappy sighing*

Okay. I have to be awake at like, 8 in the morning. So in 7 1/2 hours.

Also I get to sleep in a tent tomorrow night, rain or shine, with two munchkins.

I should probably get to bed.

Goodnight, my loves. Take care of yourselves this week. I love you. xx

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So the random OC I pulled out of my ass has the name of Zander now because myrebloggingblog is infinitely better at naming people than I am and it’s also a really neat name. Zander Matthews maybe?

I guess the basic idea behind his spontaneous creation (which will likely end in his death, do be warned) was that Jerry can’t possibly be the only gross person in the company. The difference being, of course that Jerry is both ridiculous and open about being gross.

Zander is the kind of guy who sees absolutely nothing wrong in “teasing” (read harassing) his female coworkers in such a way, especially when they’re wearing clothing the he sees as an open invitation even if it’s only because new management apparently has a thing against proper workplace attire

Essentially, this boils down to him being a skeezball, but not big enough of one for management to have noticed. I imagine that all of the Strex employees are still very much readjusting to the idea of management that cares about more than efficiency. It certainly wouldn’t have been a thought of any of theirs that if they dared to take time away from working to report a concern, management would actually do anything about it. Old management wouldn’t have cared, so long as work continued to be done.

Because of this, Aleis has a tendency to take care of workplace disturbances in her own manner. An unethical and violent manner, yes, but you can’t argue with those results, friend.

Despite her insinuations about serving a pig like him seared with various sauces, Aleis’ll probably end up just letting Haden burn him bonfire style in the sand wastes when she’s done with the prick.

In all honesty, Katherine is still taking up the bulk of her freezer space, so there’s really not enough space to deal with butchering and storing another body quite so soon.

Can we all just take a moment and appreciate how devastated I am that Saturday is the 2nd and I will have missed the new episode by virtue of living in a tent for a week?

Love the new look babe~ do you know how long it will last?




"Do… Do you? Really?" He couldn’t help but question it. Aleis wasn’t particularly comfortable in this body, and he didn’t recognize it as his own, but no one else seemed to have any particular problem with it. It helped Aleis think that, maybe, it wasn’t so terrible being a guy for a day.

He smiled  at Brasil. “Um, well my friend Cath says that something like this happens in Night Vale on occasion, and it usually ends after about a day? I’m hoping it ends by tomorrow morning at last.” Aleis huffed out a little puff of air, blowing a strand of her short and messy hair up and out of her eyes. 

She smiled despite herself at the gentle kiss and soft spoken promises. He was right. They’d get through this. It would be alright. She’d just have to keep repeating that until it was.

Aleis let herself be cradled against Brasil’s chest, and pressed an absent minded kiss to his shoulder. “Thank you, Brasil,” she mumbled into his shirt. “I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

"You’re welcome Aleis…and lets hope we dont have to find out anytime soon" he was quiet for a short while he did know about the shock and weird feelings associated with gender switching and as reluctant as he was he figured it might help her if he shared "I have been a girl before…it was before i met you lasted about 2 days it was a very…disconcerting experience" his boyfriend at that time had thought it was hilarious.

She hummed quietly as they stood together. The moment was broken after a time by Brasil’s admission. Her head tilted back, eyes seeking out his own. “I’m sorry.” She hated to think that he had to have gone through this same sort of upset. Although… “I bet you were adorable though. You’re always adorable, Brasil Holman.” Aleis smiled gently, leaning up on tiptoe to gently kiss the corner of his mouth.



Is Desert Bluffs like the cheerier … slightly less creepy version of Night Vale?


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