NOT funny, Fink.

(Quietly panics)

Good morning, love bugs.

Goodnight, my darling dears. I love you!

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steampunk and victorian fashion

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What should I be for Halloween? I literally have all the options because I am Costume Mistress and actors bow before me (I say as I study both my script and the script I’m teaching because I’m Costume Mistress and Assisting Director for a separate show and an actress all at once).

Ask the Mun

✔: A plot you would love to play out with your character
★: A blog you'd love to roleplay with
✖: A plot you would never do/can't do with your character
♔: A character (in general) that you'd like to interact with
☀: Another Mun that you really admire/respect
☣: A pet peeve about roleplaying
☠: Something you dislike about your fandom
➸: Something you like about your fandom
✉: Someone you're afraid to approach/unsure of approaching
☄: A doubt you have about your writing
☮: Something you're confident about with your writing
✿: Three of your favourite followers
❂: Three of your favourite blogs that you follow
❢: Your favourite icon of your muse's FC
♘: Your favourite icon of your Mun FC
☎: A picture of yourself
♫: An argument that you're sick of hearing
♈: An argument/topic that you could debate all day

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Please talk to me
when demons claim our home.

Please hold my hand
when darkness eats our years.

It is hard to be someone
and to live softly,

but it will be easier
if we do it together.

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Turkish Delight


Turkish Delight

But I’m a VILLAIN, and villains DON’T GET HAPPY ENDINGS.

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